Dementia Meets

Dementia Meets

Light hours
on a heavy topic

A Dementia Meet is a gathering for people with dementia and their relatives in different cities across the german speaking part of Europe. With the slogan ‘light hours on a heavy topic’ the event offers space and time for meeting, connecting and exchanging in person – uncomplicated and warmhearted.

A Dementia Meet is not a stiff, intellectual congress but a colorful, lively and wild event. It is a place where people can encounter on an equal footing. At this occasion we are fully focused on the opinions, needs and experiences of people with dementia and their relatives.

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The continuous organization and development of Dementia Meets is possible due to the generous financial support of foundations, private donations and lots of heart and soul. In order to implement helpful Dementia Meets in the future we are grateful for contribution. Please feel free to contact Dominik, if you have any questions.
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